Revitalizing industrial work glove field with 'eco-friendly coating resin'

To date, work glove manufacturers produced gloves with general coating resins.
Since MS techwin started to care about worker's health and comfort, we have conducted research and analyzed general coating resins.
We finally developed 'eco-friendly coating resin' which has excellent grip-feeling, durability and comfort.
It's the heart of MS techwin only care for glove user's health and safety.

Customer satisfaction management system

To fulfill diversified customer's needs MS techwin has strengthen operational competence of import and export,
created immediate response and diversified products. It is only for supplying top quality products to our customer faster and more stable.

Now MS techwin manufactures coating materials, construction materials and industrial work glove based on chemical overall.
We always keep our original intention and do our best for retaining eco-friendly, safety, customer satisfaction and expeditious management. We endeavor to create better and greater future for MS techwin members, customers and corporate operations.
I ask for your continuous interest and support as MS techwin steps forward in challenge and change.

Thank you.